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Hi, I’m Cam.

I’m in my fourth year of an Honours BA in Political Science, with a minor in Economics and a Business Studies Certificate from Mohawk College (affiliated with McMaster).

Before my year at McMaster began I was fortunate to be selected as a volunteer for the #Rio2016 Olympics. It was an amazing experience and summer!

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Hi, I’m Patricia.

I’m President of the McMaster Science Society. I’m always encouraging students to ask me anything — about Science, McMaster, student life, or anything at all that’s on their mind.

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Hi, I’m Sara.

I am pleased to share a year in my life at McMaster with you.

Scholarships have given me the opportunity to pursue my interests in kinesiology and more specifically healthy aging. I am hopeful that the work I do will have a large and meaningful impact on how aging adults, and hospital care, view nutrition and the importance of maintaining muscle for health and independence. Without additional funding, the decision to stay in graduate school may not have been so easy.

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Hi, I’m Logo.

Welcome to my third year at McMaster.

When I was a child I was, and I still am, curious about why nature works the way it does. So I chose to study Biochemistry at McMaster. I also wanted to go to a school that had lots of opportunities for me to learn new things and apply them both within and outside of the scientific field.

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Hi, I’m Sutina.

Welcome to a year in my life at McMaster!

I chose to study at Mac because it gives me the best of both worlds — I have access to the world-class resources of a big-city university while enjoying a strong sense of identity that comes with a small campus feel.

I’m currently in my third year of the Arts & Science Program, with a combination in Political Science and a minor in Chemical Biology. I’m not quite sure what I want to do yet, but I have a keen interest in comparative politics, global health, and policy.

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Hi, I’m Bianca.

I love meeting new people and learning new things (although I can be shy at first). This is why I’m excited to have the opportunity to get to know McMaster’s donor and alumni community through this project.

I have received bursaries, and to the donors I would like to give a huge thank you. Knowing that I have the support in terms of bursaries shows me that my education is important and encouraged.

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