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Hi, I’m Sara.

I am pleased to share a year in my life at McMaster with you.

Scholarships have given me the opportunity to pursue my interests in kinesiology and more specifically healthy aging. I am hopeful that the work I do will have a large and meaningful impact on how aging adults, and hospital care, view nutrition and the importance of maintaining muscle for health and independence. Without additional funding, the decision to stay in graduate school may not have been so easy.

I have loved McMaster since attending Mini U camp on campus when I was 12.

I’ve always been active and love working with and talking to people. That’s why I was really excited when I applied and was accepted into McMaster’s Kinesiology program. I’ve since completed my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Kinesiology and now I’m working on my PhD.

I was lucky to have the chance to contribute to McMaster’s research environment after completing my undergraduate degree; a research position opened up and so began my post-graduate work. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Stuart Phillips — one of McMaster’s highest-profile researchers — on the role of exercise and nutrition in the attainment and maintenance of lean muscle mass with the Exercise Metabolism Research Group.

I’m excited this year to complete data collection for my first PhD study.

Here I am getting biopsy trays ready to finish up testing of 4 participants.





Our lab

I spend a lot of my time in the exercise lab. I was recently doing training for high school exercise physiology tours. It’s exciting to teach high school students a bit about what we do and show off how great Mac Kin is!






When I'm not in the lab or working on my PhD (which is most of the time)

I can be found enjoying the Mac campus with my fellow Kin friends.

The other night was a beautiful fall night outside with the KGB (Kin Grad Body) crew playing 5 on 5 on Alumni field!

Also, 3-pitch!

I love the McMaster campus because it isn’t huge but definitely has a huge heart.

Hamilton is such a beautiful and culturally diverse city. It has so much to offer and has so many interesting communities within itself. I also look forward to enjoying another year full of Hamilton traditions like Supercrawl, street festivals, and favourite restaurants.

Our lab

Our Lab, The Protein Metabolism Research Lab, really grew this year. I am incredibly lucky to be working with such amazing and talented people. 


This fall I've been

Finishing up data collection for my first Ph.D. study. Lots of TAing!

I am starting my last participant this coming week and will finish up collection on December 22nd!

We also finished second in softball intramurals which is a KGB (Kin-Grad-Body) first!

Fall on campus is beautiful

The trees at the oval by Forsyth Avenue are beautiful at this time of year. This photo was taken on the way to the lab for early morning collection - the sights make the early mornings worth it!




Ivor Wynne Centre's east wing

I took this photo of the Ivor Wynne Centre's east wing after walking one of my participants back to their car following testing. It was one of those really warm days in October, and I was happy to see how beautiful our workspace is from the outside.

My favourite places

One of my favourite places is The Pulse (the University's fitness centre) and specifically the spinning studio. Working as a spin instructor for the past 7 years has allowed me to meet some amazing people and make some really great friends. I also love having the opportunity to change someone's day with a good workout. Besides that, I always go to the studio when I need to blow off steam or have a moment to myself. It is definitely a special spot for me.

I also love the Ron Joyce Stadium, specifically at night when the stadium lights are on. It reminds me of watching the Marauders in the freezing cold and setting a record 22 wins in a row, the year of and after we won Vanier. I also love that from those seats you get a great view of the sunset in the evening, and that it sets behind Brandon Hall, my first home in Hamilton.

A walk down memory lane

In November, my old high school was playing in the Halton regional football finals at Ron Joyce Stadium. I had the chance to see some of my old teachers, especially some that sparked my interest in exercise physiology. This is the team warming up!




I qualified for a study!

This is me performing a V02 max test for a study I am participating in. It’s not often that I qualify for studies as we often study older adults. I will be having my first 4 muscle biopsies in December. It’s very exciting to be on the other side of research for a change :)













I’m doing analysis on my data collection that finished right before the Christmas break. I hope to get all my samples prepped and ready to run in the next couple of weeks! I will be starting my comprehensive exams, a 2 month process in late February. I am also hoping to go to some conferences this spring so I am preparing for that!

And I can’t stress enough that the support I have received from McMaster in regards to funding as well as opportunity has been enormous. Our lab facilities allow us to produce incredibly high quality research and funding for my PhD has been instrumental for me to be able to pursue what I do. Thank you!


Thanks for visiting Sara's page!

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