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Hi, I’m Patricia.

I’m President of the McMaster Science Society. I’m always encouraging students not to be afraid to ask me anything — about Science, McMaster, student life, or anything that’s on their mind.


I’m in my fourth year, studying Life Sciences .

Life Sciences is a program that caters to a science student that may have many interests. I chose to study at McMaster because there is a beautiful sense of community here. I knew the program would be awesome but I also wanted a very warm and welcoming community to live and work. The people here make you feel valued and appreciated. I am constantly blown away by how willing people are to help each other.

I’m really excited this year...

to empower the McMaster Science Society team. With so many new faces on board, I’m excited to see how much they grow throughout the experience. I have been involved with the Science Society since my first year, and have been fortunate to hold the position of President for two consecutive years. I can see how much I have evolved throughout my journey with the Society, and it's rewarding to see others do the same. It's a true honour to lead such an eager and hard-working team.

I am absolutely so in love with this school and the work that I do with the Science Society!




Time spent with wonderful people

I am a lover of going on "coffee dates" with people except the fact that I do not drink coffee :) As President of the Science Society and in my own studies, I spend most of my days with students either supporting them, planning projects together, catching up, hearing their thoughts on campus issues, etc! I could not be happier to be able to spend each day like this!

The McMaster Science Society is always on the go!

From projects that focus on bringing students from all programs in Science together, to holding networking and presentation workshops, to planning our largest formal called formaldehyde - there is always something going on! We are currently focused on getting our lounge ready for its grand opening in January, providing students some destressing opportunities for exams, and having tough conversations about the future of our elections.

Check out the McMaster Science Society

A special moment for me this fall

A first-year student who I met two months ago reached out to me to help him plan a movie night on campus. He is incredibly passionate about climate change and had the dream of inviting others to watch it together. Being able to see him put that event on for students, with just a little guidance from me, made me extremely happy. The event was a huge success, and he was thrilled and super proud to have accomplished something such as this!

McMaster donors, thank you!

As a student that needs to pay for my education on my own, all financial assistance from donors has helped make my undergrad experience much easier.



My favourite place on campus

There is something very special about the Class of 1954 garden behind University and Hamilton Halls, especially during the fall season. The beauty of the nature creates such a calm feeling!

Thank you, Class of 1954!

Studying for exams with friends

As much as exams are never a fun time, it really is a relief only having one thing to focus on at a time. Jenny and Ryan are two of my closest friends so I am very thankful for their support and for being awesome study partners.

Jenny and I did not plan to wear the same study outfit :)

Exams are touch, but when they are done we can rejoice!

Unveiling of the new Science Society Lounge








Running for McMaster Students Union President

After 4 years studying Life Sciences, I've found that I am more passionate about Life than I am about Science. I have loved my program, and everything that I've been involved with here at Mac, but what I am truly passionate about is the people I connect with every day.

So, I made the decision to run for McMaster Student President. The experience was incredible because of the tremendous support that I received from my closest friends, acquaintances and even strangers. It was beautiful to put myself out there showing students what I love but also terrifying knowing that I was being analyzed by so many people. I learned the importance of surrounding myself with amazing people who I can trust in.

Here I am presenting in front of 600 students! I personally love talking in front of large groups but I still get butterflies a couple of minutes prior to the start of my speech.


Here is a picture of my campaign table set up in the student centre throughout the election period so that students could ask questions and share their thoughts. #CreateYourStory was the overall essence of my campaign. My goal was to encourage students to reflect on their own stories and to show them how I could be in the role to help them to along the way.




It's been wonderful















Reflecting on my year

Being at McMaster and reflecting on my experiences only reminds me of my true joy for working with youth. My dream is to work at a University in the Student Life sector giving back to youth and supporting them through their journey within university. I thrive with one on one connections and hope to make big changes in the lives of young people each day in the work that I do. There is so much beauty in being able to work with others and finding ways to value the people that surround you. I am beyond thankful for all the experiences in work relationships, group projects, mentorship opportunities and teamwork that have given me the confidence to work with all kinds of people today and in the future.

Thank you for reading about my year at Mac!

Thank you so much!

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