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Hi, I’m Logo.

Welcome to my third year at McMaster.

When I was a child I was, and I still am, curious about why nature works the way it does. So I chose to study Biochemistry at McMaster. I also wanted to go to a school that had lots of opportunities for me to learn new things and apply them both within and outside of the scientific field.



Blending discovery and commerce

This year, I joined the Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization (BDC) program here at McMaster. The program blends discovery and commerce. I am a part of the third BDC class ever, so I am excited to become an early example of the successes that graduates of this program can achieve.

This also means there will be a lot of time spent studying in the McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC)!

I appreciate the support I have received

I received the Douglas and Beverly Coleman Bursary earlier this year.

Mr. Coleman was a graduate of the Class of 1954 - a science and chemistry major. He became a renowned scientist who received a number of international awards for his pioneering work on the biology of obesity and diabetes.

As an aspiring scientist, I feel honoured to have received an award from an accomplished scientist and alumnus.

If I could personally, I would tell Mr. and Mrs. Coleman how much I appreciate their financial support of my studies. I’m glad I had the opportunity to thank their son.

Doing my part in the lab to try to have a positive impact on our health

This fall we began a class project for my Lab Inquiry Course. We're using E. coli bacteria to grow a protein called tissue transglutaminase (tG2). The protein has several functions in the human body. A wide range of ailments, such as Celiac's disease and Alzheimer's disease have been linked to this protein not functioning correctly. I'm testing some of my specimens in the cell shaker for further analysis. I'm having a lot of fun with this project, and it is helping me to get a taste of what it is like to work in a lab.

I'm still surprised

Even though I am now in my third year at Mac, I'm still just as surprised when the semester goes by as quickly as it always does! This fall has been great. I've set into a good routine - going to class, to labs, and exercising when I have extra time.

I had a great time being a part of McMaster's Fall Preview for prospective students. I represented the Honours Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization program and shared my enthusiasm about the program with prospective students. Hopefully someone considers the program!



McMaster has a great sense of community

I love McMaster because of the sense of community I can build here. In my opinion, our sense of community comes from our different origins, points of views and goals.

Fun Fact: I listen to more funk music than the average person in my spare time. Maybe I’ll grab a related poster?

My favourite place

One of my favourite places on campus is our on-campus gym - The Pulse. The University has improved the facility since last year by rearranging the machines. Now, more gym-goers can do the exercises they want at any given time. This has been great for my schedule!



Mac Professors are amazing

I've had the privilege of being lectured by some of McMaster's most brilliant and dedicated researchers and educators. This last week in one of my classes we ended a series of lectures by Dr. Matthew Miller on virology. In another one of my courses we have also heard guest lectures from eight noted McMaster researchers - seven from the Department of Biochemistry and one from the DeGroote school of business.

Mac Tag Day

I'm grateful for the learning opportunities that are available to me at Mac. I'm grateful to McMaster donors who help to make this possible as well! It was great to see maroon tags on so many areas of campus supported by donors. What a great way to thank donors on National Philanthropy Day!





Mid-year reflections

McMaster has given me so many tools to help me achieve success after I leave here. The great thing about the Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization program is that it trains me to recognize a huge range of opportunities and interdisciplinary skills. I know that when I leave McMaster and truly become a part of the world, I’ll be prepared. I hope one day I will be working somewhere in the biomedical sector, either in a research or management role. But I know I should keep my options open and recognize great opportunities when they reveal themselves to me!

Thank you McMaster alumni for your advice!

I'm learning so much from Mac alumni. In January, I started working for McMaster’s Annual Fund as a student caller to help raise dollars for 1,400 funds that support the clubs, scholarships, bursaries, buildings and research that make this place among the top 100 universities in the world to learn.

I’m already learning so much from Mac alumni who I have talked to. Alumni often have advice about how to prepare for life after Mac. I’m grateful for the chance to learn from them, and I’m also grateful for the fact that I get to witness their generosity towards Mac and its students so often.

The High Flyers!

From January to March, I was part of a co-ed intramural basketball team, called the High Flyers. This is a photo of my team! Putting on my sneakers and playing a quick game of basketball on Sunday nights was one of the main ways I would unwind after a week of classes, labs, and midterms. I love McMaster intramurals!




An amazing way to bring the academic year to a close

For our year-end project, we were tasked with using the lab data and concepts that we learned throughout the year and to come up with an idea for a useful product that is based on the hTG2 enzyme we purified this semester. Our idea was presented at the BDC Engage Symposium to an audience of current McMaster students, McMaster researchers and representatives from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies all across Canada. I am pictured here with several of my friends, at the end of our symposium and semester.

Exam time is here

I'm focused on studying for my exams. I only write three of them this semester and they are spaced out nicely, so I have had ample time to study. My days now consist of having breakfast, then heading to one of the many study rooms on campus. One of the best things about studying on campus is the quiet study spaces you can find during exam time - my personal favourites are the Health Sciences Library and the Michael DeGroote Centre for Learning.

Me, Senator McMaster, and the generations of alumni between us

This is a picture of me with the statue of Senator McMaster I took in my first year. I have made a point to come by and visit with him throughout my time at Mac. He sits at such a beautiful part of campus.

Come September, I'll be back for the final year of my undergraduate degree. I've received a lot of advice on how to handle my fourth year from alumni who I interact with as a student caller with the Alumni Association.

Some interesting bits of advice include, "Always try to improve your skill sets" and "Try to get to know about your desired field and those who work in it before you finish school."

Many of the donors I speak with, really seem to enjoy having a conversation with current McMaster students. I think I speak for all of my colleagues at the call centre when I say that we enjoy speaking with you too. Everywhere I go on campus, I see products of the generosity of McMaster's alumni. I can't thank them enough for all that they have done to make McMaster as great as it is.

Thank you for reading about my year at Mac!

This year has been a wonderful experience. Since I work in the call centre and speak to many of you, I'm glad I could share more about myself and my Mac experience in this way with you. You have shared so many neat memories of McMaster with me. I feel closer to the McMaster community than ever before, and I appreciate all that you do for me. Thank you so much!

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