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Hi, I’m Bianca.

I love meeting new people and learning new things (although I can be shy at first). This is why I’m excited to have the opportunity to get to know McMaster’s donor and alumni community through this project.

I have received bursaries, and to the donors I would like to give a huge thank you. Knowing that I have the support in terms of bursaries shows me that my education is important and encouraged.

I’m in second year Labour Studies

I chose to attend McMaster because it’s a beautiful campus, very diverse and it is a very well respected university…I also look good in maroon :)

This year I am excited to learn new things especially about my program and what I can do with my studies in my future. I’m also excited to meet new people and hopefully get more involved at the school!




September was a great month of fun and hard work

The first months of school are always exciting with homecoming and back to school events around campus!

Here I am shopping with one of my closest friends Mystikal for Homecoming gear. Go Marauders Go!

There is always music playing around campus at this time of year, and on this day food stands were also out. The McMaster Students Union also runs a farm stand offering local fruit and vegetables from June to October - it's been a big hit!

This fall at Mac

This fall has consisted of studying hard, late nights finishing essays and assignments, and enjoying time with friends when I can.

I did get to spend time during fall reading week at home in Stratford Ontario with my family catching up, but I did still do work studying for midterms. Got to stay on top of my studies!

I also took the time to explore some of Hamilton and visited Dundas Peak. It was beautiful and peaceful. I highly recommend a visit.



My favourite place on campus

It has to be the room full of trees and surrounded by windows found on the first floor of the Michael G. Degroote Centre for Learning and Discovery. It's very relaxing and beautiful in that room, and I love that it feels like you are outside when you're inside.

The Labour Studies Program involves a lot of essay writing. It's time-consuming, but also rewarding. The social sciences make you aware of society and the relationships among individuals within a society. There are so many complexities to learn and discover. I really find it incredibly eye-opening and I think it is so important to study. I'm still thinking about how I will apply my degree when I graduate, but I think I'm on the right track to a satisfying career because I'm inspired by my program every day.

It's nice to find a little green space to focus on work and important issues in the world.


Who's inspiring me at the moment?

Dr. Teal McAteer, who teaches human resources and management, has been one of my favourite professors this semester. I find her engaging, and she makes the material very dynamic. It's evident that she really cares about her students and that is very important to me.

A highlight this week

In my Women's Studies class, we heard from a guest academic speaker, Tara Thorne, who spoke about Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill album and feminism in rock music. It was a really engaging class. She played some cover songs from the album.


Do you remember the Arts Quad?

I took this picture after finishing a class in Kenneth Taylor Hall. I thought it might bring back some memories for alumni who took this same walk when they were students at Mac :)

My classes are in a variety of buildings which include Kenneth Taylor Hall and Togo Salmon Hall. I also have classes in the Psychology Building and at the newer Michael G. Degroote Centre for Learning and Discovery.




Studying for semester finals at Innis Library (the business library)

In my program, I've learned about work environments in Canada and around the world, and from alternative perspectives, including culture, politics, organization, economics, gender, racialization, and history. 

This semester, I've written essays on Samuel Gompers and his ideas on bread and butter unionism. I also wrote one on the effects of globalization and neo-imperialism on women around the world. Though essay writing and mid-term prep are time-consuming, they help me to immerse myself in my studies and think critically about important issues in our world.

These tasks also help keep me on track for when it comes time to study for semester finals!


A new semester brings new opportunities

This semester brings new classes that I have been really enjoying so far. I am taking two labour studies courses, introduction to statistics, human resource management and a religion course. This semester I decided to get a membership to the gym on campus in the David Braley Athletic Centre which I am very excited about as it’s a beautiful gym with lots of different activities to get fit.

Getting a better sense of what I want to do

At McMaster, my classes and professors are a huge help to realizing my potential and learning about what my program entails and what I can do with it.

I've learned about work in Canada and in Central America, the place where my parents emigrated from. It's been very eye-opening learning about the struggles people face in the labour market worldwide. I hope I can put my degree to work and make a difference. I would like to help people who find themselves in precarious work here in Canada and one day I’d like to volunteer in Central America, a place that is close to my heart.


Taking a break to explore downtown Hamilton

When I need a break, I like to go out on foot to explore. It's something to do that I always find interesting, and it doesn't cost me anything.

In the fall I visited Dundas Peak. On this particular day, I decided to walk around downtown Hamilton. There are so many interesting stores to do some window shopping, restaurants to keep on the list for future outings with friends, and beautiful architecture to admire.

I took a picture of this church on my walk. It's the Church of the Ascension. It had such interesting architecture and characteristics, built in 1846. It is neat to think about what this area was like in the 19th century.

It was nice to get out for some fresh air. I find exploring helps to clear my mind during busy times at school.


It feels like mid-terms just ended, and I'm studying for finals :)

I am so grateful that no matter where I choose to do work, it is bound to be a beautiful building!

The brand new L.R. Wilson Hall for Social Sciences and Humanities is beautiful, and a great place to find a bright and cozy spot to study.

This is me and my roommate, Mystikal, studying at Thode Library (the science and engineering library) which has undergone some amazing renovations.

Although I try to stay on campus to avoid distractions, I will study at home from time to time. On this particular day I was studying for my statistics exam. Always a daunting task :)

Finishing my second year at Mac is bittersweet

I stopped by The Campus Store to buy a hat to add to my collection of Marauder apparel before heading home for the summer.

I'm excited about summer, but I will miss McMaster over these next four months. I am already looking forward to September when I can walk back onto the beautiful campus and begin a fresh year of learning!



Thank you for reading about my second year at Mac!

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