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Help ensure a healthy student community at Mac

In addition to the many challenges of post-secondary education, such as living more independently, adapting to academic demands, building relationships, and learning strategies to balance being a university student, many students also face mental health challenges.

● Training, education, and resources about mental health on campus is the first priority in McMaster's student mental health and well-being strategy.
● In Canada, approximately 1 in 5 post-secondary students live with a diagnosable mental illness.
● When surveyed using the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) questionnaire (2016), more McMaster students reported feeling overwhelmed, having experienced a greater amount of stress, and having had thoughts of suicide, than three years ago.

The Student Wellness Centre (SWC) offers various programs and services for student mental health delivered both individually and in group settings. However, the SWC would like to provide additional ways for students to engage outside the classroom through evidence-based programs that foster resiliency, enhance coping skills, and support recovery.

Support student wellness

A boost to student mental health in 2017

McMaster’s safeTALK program has been boosted thanks to student and young alumni gifts to the Student Wellness Centre.  The funding will support this program for three years.  In 2017, these vital resources were made possible:

• A safeTALK trainer
• 187 trained student suicide-alert helpers
• A specialized caregiver for suicide intervention

Support the implementation of wellness programs

‘McMaster strives to nurture and support all students to be as healthy as they can be and to reach their potential. Mental health and well-being are understood as key components to health. We will achieve this outcome through our ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive, supportive, and healthy educational environment.’ – Student Mental Health & Well-being Strategy

Support the implementation of online resilience tools and peer education and helper programs with a gift.