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Alumni House, 2nd Floor                       One James North, Room 423
McMaster University                       McMaster University
1280 Main Street West                       1 James Street North
Hamilton ON L8S 4K1                       Hamilton ON L8R 2K3
Tel: 1.888.217.6003                       Tel: 905.525.9140 ext. 24224
Fax: 905.524.1733                       Fax: 905.546.0831
E-mail:                       E-mail:

To reach an individual staff member, dial 905-525-9140 to reach McMaster, then the extension listed below. 

  • Mary Williams

    Mary Williams

    Vice-President, Advancement

    Email Mary

  • Lorna Somers

    Lorna Somers

    Director of Development (x22499)

    Email Lorna

  • Paul Grossman

    Paul Grossman

    Director, Major and Planned Giving (x23447)

    Read more, Email Paul

  • Karen McQuigge

    Karen McQuigge

    Alumni Director (x24216)

    Email Karen

  • Ben Chapdelaine

    Ben Chapdelaine

    Associate Director, Annual Giving (x22497)

    Read more, Email Ben

  • Deanna Tigani

    Deanna Tigani

    Senior Development Officer, Faculty of Humanities (x26505)

    Email Deanna

  • Erin Matthews

    Erin Matthews

    Manager, Development, DeGroote School of Business (x24918)

    Read more, Email Erin

  • Tanya Rumble

    Tanya Rumble

    Manager, Development, Major and Planned Giving (x21990)

    Email Tanya

  • Heather Colwell

    Heather Colwell

    Manager, Development Faculty of Science (x24090)

    Read more, Email Heather

  • Janice St-Denis

    Janice St-Denis

    Associate Director, Development, Faculty of Health Sciences (x21941)

    Read more, Email Janice

  • Rachel Mostert

    Rachel Mostert

    Development Officer, Faculty of Health Sciences (x24999)

    Email Rachel

  • Jennifer Walsom

    Jennifer Walsom

    Development Officer, Gift Planning (x28700)

    Email Jennifer

  • Jenny Thomson

    Jenny Thomson

    Senior Development Officer, Annual Giving (x23071)

    Email Jenny

  • John Wood

    John Wood

    Principal Giving Officer (x23803)

    Email John

  • Kelly Worton

    Kelly Worton

    Senior Development Officer, Faculty of Social Sciences (x28123)

    Read more, Email Kelly

  • Kris Gadjanski

    Kris Gadjanski

    Senior Development Officer, Alumni Engagement (x21837)

    Email Kris

  • Laura Escalante

    Laura Escalante

    Alumni Officer, Reunions (x21314)

    Read more, Email Laura

  • Lori Moulden (on leave)

    Lori Moulden (on leave)

    Senior Development Officer (x27255)

    Read more, Email Lori

  • Mariya Yurukova

    Mariya Yurukova

    Development Manager (x21534)

    Email Maria

  • Maggie Woo

    Maggie Woo

    Senior Development Officer (x21836)

    Email Maggie

  • Meggie MacDougall

    Meggie MacDougall

    Alumni Officer, Special Projects (x24667)

    Read more, Email Meggie

  • Shelley Zhu

    Shelley Zhu

    Advancement Coordinator (Alumni) (x27255)

    Email Shelley

  • Shez Puri

    Shez Puri

    Development Officer, DeGroote School of Business (x21552)

    Email Shez

  • Corey Evans

    Corey Evans

    Phone Centre Manager (x24617)

    Email Corey

Our Vision, Our Mission & Our Values


To ensure McMaster University has the resources and reputation to attract, develop and retain the best students, staff and faculty, enabling the University to achieve its mission.


University Advancement is accountable for creating a dynamic environment for strong public and private support for McMaster University through an innovative and integrated program for the University community, our alumni and the public.


Our values and principles help us to achieve our vision and mission. They are:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Strategy
  • Teamwork