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Support the Library

With your gift to McMaster, you can choose to support the vibrant and necessary work taking place in McMaster's Library system. The Library continues to expand its physical holdings and donor dollars can help substantially with the acquisition of new books and other materials. But the Library is also evolving enthusiastically to fulfill the needs of today's students, expanding its digital resources and building a robust support system for research, teaching and learning.

The Library is a shared touchpoint of all McMaster students and its role in a successful academic experience is critical. By making your gift to the McMaster Library, you're supporting every McMaster student in one way or another.

Neat Library Facts

McMaster's four library buildings are an integral part of university life at McMaster.

  • In a year more than 2,300,000 patrons enter the libraries and more than 20,000 research help questions are answered.
  • The Library's William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections houses extensive archives including those of Bertrand Russell and a noteworthy collection of eighteenth-century literature.
  • The combined collections of the libraries total more than 1.9 million print and electronic books, 86,000 print and electronic journal titles, and 14,000 linear feet of archival resources.
  • General collection strengths support the research and teaching strengths of the University. Particular areas of emphasis include Biology, British History, Business, Chemistry, Classics, Economics, Engineering, English Literature, Geography & Earth Sciences, Health Sciences (with particular emphasis on problem-based self-directed methods of teaching and learning), Maps, Nuclear Physics and Religious Studies.
  • The libraries acquire print, non-print, and electronic materials from multiple sources. The acquisition of new materials is helped significantly by donor support!