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A note from Karen McQuigge, Alumni & Annual Giving Director

We have been to space, made millions laugh and revolutionized healthcare. We are corporate titans, community builders and political leaders. We are philanthropists, volunteers and innovators for social good.

We are members of the McMaster family.

Through your giving, you help someone in the family become what they are supposed to be. Your giving helps a member of the family make the contribution they dream of making.

As you know, it’s not easy to pay for a university education. Receiving a bursary– a non-repayable grant – really helps. We can make sure students who need the help receive enough bursary dollars to ease their financial stress. We can make it easier for students to continue their studies. We can make it easier for them to become what they want to be.

Your gift today could help the next McMaster inventor or pioneer. It could help the teacher who inspires your children or the doctor who saves your friend’s life. Your gift to bursaries is a gift to McMaster’s students and to everyone who will benefit from their contributions as McMaster alumni.

With thanks,

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Karen McQuigge ’90
Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving

P.S. You will recognize these students from my It’s Friday emails!

See the impact of your support

Meet Logo

Logo sees biomedical discovery as a way to improve our health.

"I’m curious about why nature works the way it does. I hope one day I will be working in the biomedical sector and making a difference in people’s lives."

Logo, Third Year | Learn more about Logo

Meet Cam

Cam hopes he can count on your vote someday.

"Since I arrived in Canada as a refugee, this country has created many opportunities for me and my family. My hope is to start a career in public service, have a positive impact on my community, and one day enter politics to create positive change."

Cam, Fourth Year | Learn more about Cam

Meet Bianca

Bianca wants to help workers in Canada and beyond.

"I want to help people who find themselves in precarious work and one day I’d like to volunteer in Central America, a place that is important to me as that’s where my parents emigrated from."

Bianca, Second Year | Learn more about Bianca

Generosity can transform a life with a click of a button

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We simply cannot do it without you!

Imagination and inspiration only become invention and impact through work – hard work, continuous work.

At McMaster, students work, class by class, assignment by assignment, building the foundations of careers and lives of citizenship. Researchers put in the work every day in the lab, testing, refining, laying the bricks of the next breakthrough. Volunteers do the work, serving communities nearby and around the world, helping our neighbours and fostering a strong and inclusive society.

McMaster’s donors work too! Every gift – your gift – provides support that unlocks potential by helping students and researchers get the resources they need to make their work possible. Whether that’s a bursary, scholarship, or faculty, program, or research resource, the support is needed and so greatly appreciated by the recipients of donor generosity.

Your gift can support your McMaster passion – your department or faculty, a team, a student service, a research priority, the library, student financial aid, or outstanding teaching.

Support your McMaster passion

Thank you!

McMaster has the best group of supporters and the most amazing community of support. 

Together, we can unlock all the amazing potential at McMaster, and we can make a difference in the world we live!

Make a gift and share with the McMaster family why you give to support them in their work.