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Thank you, alumni and donors, for your kindness

It means so much.

This is a challenging time for McMaster students. There are students who are not able to work the part-time jobs they would in an ordinary year and others are facing pre-existing economic challenges that have been exacerbated. The worry about expenses can take a toll.

How can you help?

If you are able this year, a gift to McMaster’s Bursary Fund will go directly to students who need a helping hand the most.

For students who receive bursaries, their light shines through and they flourish – and become engaged citizens contributing to improving our communities.

"As a student from a low-income family, support from donors has helped ease financial burdens and encouraged me to strive even harder both academically and in contributing to my community. Thank you!" - Sophia

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We are grateful

We are so incredibly grateful that you are part of the McMaster community and that you support and care about McMaster students. Even when we are all apart, we remain connected, and for that, we are thankful.

Together, we will create a brighter world.

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