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You did it!

Our December Campaign goal was to raise $450,000 from 1,000 generous donors. Thanks to you, we surpassed it!

1,132 donors gave an incredible $508,831

Did you know through one simple gift you have an infinite impact on the entire McMaster community? Students, faculty, and staff benefit daily from support provided by alumni and friends like you. Thank you!

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Classes are in full swing on campus.

It’s an exciting time for students. It can also be a very stressful time for them if they’re worried about paying for school and living arrangements while also learning and trying to excel.

The tipping point for many students is based on the opportunities they have during their time at McMaster. If they attend conferences, shine in competitions, join clubs, take advantage of extra research or learning opportunities or volunteer on campus or in the community, odds are they’ll dream big and accomplish those dreams.

But if they are distracted by financial worries or if opportunities will be available for them, sometimes they miss their chance to succeed as big as they might have.

How can you spark student success?

Removing financial barriers

Finances are one of the greatest challenges of being a student. Your gift to bursaries eliminates financial barriers to academic achievement. Scholarships give the gift of time to students focussed on academic excellence, research and travel opportunities, and career goals.

Give to bursaries and scholarships  |  Learn more

Connecting learning and civic engagement

A gift to McMaster’s faculties and programs fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They are used to increase community-connected learning opportunities which take students out of the classroom and into the world. Gifts create opportunities for students to become engaged citizens and help advance the communities in which we live.

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Fostering hands-on research opportunities

Engaging directly with faculty on their research is an immersive learning experience for students. With a gift, you nurture the skills and passion needed to spark research and discoveries that brighten our lives and our world.

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Equipping library spaces

McMaster Libraries are essential learning hubs. Your gift will equip these spaces with the tools needed for thoughtful inquiry and analysis, meeting the academic, research, study and writing needs of today’s students.

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Supporting athletic and academic excellence

McMaster’s dedicated and talented student-athletes give us many reasons to say #GoMacGo. When you make a gift to athletics, you support more than just athletic achievement. Your support has the ripple effect of fuelling a student-athlete’s success in the classroom, in their competition venue, and in their contributions to the community.

Give to athletics  |  Learn more

Caring beyond academics

McMaster takes a proactive approach to caring for students, supporting healthy lifestyles, and advancing mental health and well-being education. Gifts to the Student Wellness Centre will help fund the implementation of resilience and wellness skills programs to extend support and resources to all members of the student community.

Give to the Student Wellness Centre  |  Learn more

spark student success

Make a gift

A year in my life at McMaster

Hear directly from students as they share the events of their year at McMaster. The students you support will graduate and flourish in their professions and communities, leading to a brighter world for us all.

Meet Erica

"The sky is not the limit!"

Curious what Erica is referring to? Find out.

Click here to meet Erica.

Meet Maddie

"When applying for both undergraduate and graduate school, I really wanted to attend McMaster. As McMaster is the most research-intensive university in Canada, I dreamed of being provided opportunities to pursue my academic and work interests in preventing sexual violence on and off campus through engaging men in anti-violence allyship."

What opportunities has Maddie had? Find out.

Click here to meet Maddie.

Meet Puja

"Surrounded by world-renowned researchers, I feel like I’m getting the best possible opportunities as a student."

How exciting!

Click here to meet Puja.

Meet Kwasi

"Two minutes before the university acceptance deadline, I was faced with a life-changing decision."

What did Kwasi decide on? Find out.

Click here to meet Kwasi.

Meet Anna

"This was an event to remember!"

What event is Anna talking about? Find out.

Click here to meet Anna.

Meet Marquise

"The last five years have been filled with wonderful learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. And over time I developed a special interest."

What interest did Marquise develop? Find out.

Click here to meet Marquise.

Meet Dana

"Overall, my first year at Mac was a whirlwind of activity. I just took it day by day and dealt with life as it came."

What did Dana do in her first year? Find out.

Click here to meet Dana.

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spark student success