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McMaster's amazing donors imbue campus with vibrancy and vitality. Donors empower our community of students and faculty to continue their work of changing the world, in myriad ways. Please consider making a gift today, and help to bring McMaster to life.

Help bring McMaster to life.


Remember your first day of school?

Even if you tried to be cool about your new shoes, the first day of school was a big deal and, for most of us, a little scary as well. For McMaster’s students, the scary parts are far more manageable because of the support provided by the Mac family.

McMaster donors give our students opportunities to participate in research, community service and experiential learning. Donors provide the security of financial support and access to the best resources and teachers.

You are as much a part of a new school year as brand new sneakers.

This September, McMaster welcomed one of our largest ever first-year classes, so the need for student support is growing.

Before students change out their back to school shoes for a pair of winter boots, please consider making a one-time gift or monthly pledge to the student-related priority closest to your heart.

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A year in my life at McMaster

When a student starts at McMaster...they join an amazing community of support!

Meet Sutina



"I’ve really been able to see the influence that donors have on the day-to-day lives of students since my first day at Mac. I hope that A Year in My Life at McMaster is able to give you a glimpse into all the ways that my everyday life and that of other students is impacted by your generosity."

Sutina, Class of 2018




See the impact of your support!

You can connect to the impact of your donation through a new initiative called A Year in My Life at McMaster.

Return to this page throughout the year to hear directly from students as they share the events of their year and discover how important Mac donors are to the student experience.

There are many ways you can support McMaster's wonderful students...

From Curiosity to Changing the World: The Power of an Opportunity

Kinesiology student Michael Kamal is already contributing to a field he didn’t know existed when he started at McMaster three years ago.

Michael’s McMaster experience involves a strong extracurricular component along with a growing list of opportunities to be part of the University’s research enterprise. In addition to class and extracurricular activities, Michael works part time at PACE (McMaster Physical Activity Centre of Excellence) where he is contributing to McMaster’s growing research community in healthy aging.

His exposure to the process of exploring real-world problems inspired a new career goal: Michael now wants to attend graduate school and become a researcher himself.


A Marauder for life

Sara has loved McMaster since she attended Mini U camp on campus at age 12. Sara completed her undergraduate Kinesiology degree and her Master’s degree here and she is now working on her PhD. Like Michael, Sara had the chance to contribute to McMaster’s research environment early in her student days.

Following graduation in 2012, a research position opened up and so began her post-graduate work. That experience helped give her the opportunity to work with Stuart Phillips – one of McMaster’s highest-profile researchers – on investigations into protein consumption and muscle loss.

Today, Sara is investigating the role of exercise and nutrition in the attainment and maintenance of lean muscle mass. She is grateful for the doors that have opened for her at McMaster.


We simply cannot do it without you!

Imagination and inspiration only become invention and impact through work – hard work, continuous work.

At McMaster, students work, class by class, assignment by assignment, building the foundations of careers and lives of citizenship. Researchers put in the work every day in the lab, testing, refining, laying the bricks of the next breakthrough. Volunteers do the work, serving communities nearby and around the world, helping our neighbours and fostering a strong and inclusive society.

McMaster’s donors work too! Every gift – your gift – provides support that unlocks potential by helping students and researchers get the resources they need to make their work possible. Whether that’s a bursary, scholarship, or faculty, program, or research resource, the support is needed and so greatly appreciated by the recipients of donor generosity.

Your gift can support your McMaster passion – your department or faculty, a team, a student service, a research priority, the library, student financial aid, or outstanding teaching.

Support your McMaster passion

Thank you!

McMaster has the best group of supporters and the most amazing community of support. 

Together, we can unlock all the amazing potential at McMaster, and we can make a difference in the world we live!

Make a gift and share with the McMaster family why you give to support them in their work.